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Bracket Enclosure Ring

The Luxury bracket for wired shades conceals all functional shade electronics, from programming buttons to LED indicator lights, with an innovative rotating ring design.

Ultra-Efficient Battery Management Technology

The Luxury Wire-Free Shading System runs on Active Energy Optimization, a battery management architecture designed to optimize the efficiency of traditional alkaline batteries to extend battery lifetime to an industry-leading three to five years with fewer batteries.


Shading That Elevates the Beauty of Your Home

Enhance your space with a shading solution that showcases what's beyond the window pane. Occupying no more than 3 1/4" of vertical space, a single Luxury shade can cover a 12 x 12 foot window - highlighting expansive views while delivering daylight control at scale.

Palladiom Bottom Rail

To accentuate the minimalist aesthetic of the Luxury Shading System, Smart Spaces has created the inventive Palladiom Bottom Rail. The design uses a groundbreaking method of clamping onto the fabric – regardless of the fabric thickness – to ensure that the hembar will always sit perfectly flat and perpendicular to the fabric plane. The subtle curve along the hembar face matches the roll diameter at the top of the shade. When the shade is fully open, the hembar disappears into the negative space behind the shade itself.

features-bottom-rail-new (1).jpg

Palladiom Bottom Rail

The Luxury Shading System redefines the beauty of daylight control. Available as a wired or wire-free, battery-operated system these shades look beautiful from every angle, and are designed to be installed without a fascia, pocket, or recess in exposed applications.


With groundbreaking technology and whisper-quiet performance, Luxury shades are created for the most sophisticated homes. The aluminum brackets are meticulously hand-finished and available in a variety of finishes that blend seamlessly into any architectural style.

End Bracket

Ideal for mounting on or above a window frame, the end bracket beautifully showcases each hand-finished surface. The arm and the foot of the bracket are the same depth, giving the overall aesthetic balance and grace. End brackets can be mounted to the wall or to the ceiling.


Center Bracket

Designed to structurally support two adjacent shades on a single bracket for a clean aesthetic that maintains a minimal light gap. Center brackets can be mounted to the wall or to the ceiling.


Jamb Bracket

The simplest of the three forms, the jamb bracket is designed to sit elegantly inside a window frame. The minimalist geometry extends the roller tube outward and into the wall, and the shade appears to float in midair.


Shade Bracket Finishes


Pure White


Black Anodized


Clear Anodized


Satin Nickel




Satin Graphite


Opal White


Bottom Rail

The bottom rail of the Luxury Shading System features distinctions no other shading system can match. Made of extruded aluminum, this design required an entirely new manufacturing and finishing process, much of which is done by hand. Thanks to a rubber fabric-pinching spline, it sits parallel to the window sill, without tilting one way or the other – and when the shade is raised, the bottom rail is shaped to fit perfectly in the negative space behind the roll. When visible, the Palladiom Bottom Rail is only 3/8” high, making it an extremely minimal and elegant aesthetic.


The Luxury bottom rail is only available in Pure White, Clear Anodized, Black Anodized, Black Anodized, and Satin Nickel.

Other Hembar Styles

Luxury shades are available with a variety of other hembar options, from styles that are fabric-wrapped, to hembars that show off metal finishes. In addition, Luxury shades also features Smart Spaces patented Intelligent Hembar Alignment, which uses a two-part electronic control system to maintain synchronized hembar alignment within one-eighth of an inch during motion, and at all resting positions – in one room or in your entire home. Shown here: Half-wrap architectural bottom bar in Satin Nickel. End caps available to match all Palladiom shade bracket finishes.




The Luxury keypad is a superbly crafted instrument that rises to the level of art, both inside and out. The buttons have a crisp, tactile feel. It’s equipped with Smart Spaces exclusive Dynamic Backlight Management, self-adjusting illumination that provides the right brightness for any ambient lighting conditions. And it’s available in a variety of materials and colors. It’s a picture-perfect device for fine-tuning your environment.


Clear White




Clear Black



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