Diamond Protection

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Isolates you

without isolating you

How does it work?

Reduce pollutants in the air you breathe

The #SELF of Respr creates an exclusive area around the head to protect potential hazardous air pollutants.

It emits a powerful ionic shield that repels positively charged particles such as allergens, microbes and some viruses.

Suitable for all people

Unlike other personal ionizers that attract particles near or into the respiratory system, the patented SeLF technology repels particles at a distance and creates an exclusion zone of approximately 1/2 m3 around the person's head.

It does not produce

harmful chemicals

One key difference is the power of the SeLF generator. The voltage produced is approximately 20,000V, compared to a maximum of 3000V for other products on the market. It uses a permanent solid platinum emitter and gold-plated stainless steel manifolds.



Bio Safe Zone

Easy to use

It does not produce

harmful chemicals

Suitable for all people



Ionized Air

The SeLF generates negatively charged ions repel

pathogens and air pollutants to 1m2 around your head

te aisla sin aislarte mesero self respr

What people think

"The SeLF may be the solution to the problems that the world and humanity are going through at this time.

—  Juan

Man with a Mask


Prevents infection and contributes to your overall health by breathing cleaner air

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